Oklahoma Pauses Seed-to-Sale Implementation Due to Lawsuit

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Publish Date: June 24th, 2021; Author: Darren M. Jorgenson.

Oklahoma has paused its seed-to-sale tracking system’s implementation because of a lawsuit filed by several medical cannabis businesses claiming the system would permit monopoly.

As per the News on 6 reports, the lawsuit filed by medical cannabis businesses in Oklahoma has forced the state to hold the seeds to sale tracking program’s roll out over the claims that the system would permit a private business a monopoly.

What does the lawsuit is all about?

Oklahoma State has tabbed Florida-based Metrc to run the system. However, the tracking system was supposed to begin, but on Thursday, a temporary restraining order issued by a judge in opposition to the rolling out of the program will remain in effect until the court’s next hearing on June 29.

During a discussion, Beau Zoellner and Attorney Ron Durbin with Dr. Z Leaf speaks about a class action petition filed against OMMMA and the Oklahoma State Department of health over their seed-to-sale tracking requirement’s handling.
Seed to sale tracking is a term that refers to electronically documenting progress’s practice from the day a marijuana seed is planted to when whatever it yields is sold.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has forced the Oklahoma patients and businesses to send $15 million from Oklahoma state to the Florida company as they have given Metrc a monopoly, said Durbin during the press conference.

Attorney Ron Durbin, a representative of the state’s medical cannabis operators in the lawsuit, said that plaintiffs have an issue with how the state has adopted the program but not with the seed-to-sale tracking program.

He further added that they are at least taking the matter seriously as this needs to be something that is more and focused on the entire Oklahoma state.

The owner of Majestic Craft Cannabis, Brandon Rust, said he’d like to see Metrc pushed out of Oklahoma state, and too much money would be diverted to the state firm. “It is really imperative to fight back; we need the funds to stay in the state, and this needs to stay for the people,” he further added.

The filed complaint argues that the legislature did not mandate dispensaries to use a seed to sale tracking system from a specific vendor and did not direct the RFID tag’s use to keep track of sales and inventory. However, it states that the businesses are supposed to pay Metrc $40 per month and 45 cents per plant RFID tag, and 25 cents per package RFID tag.

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Final Facts!

The complaint states that “Nothing in Oklahoma law authorizes OMMA to pass the cost associated with the seed to sale system on to any medical cannabis business.”

However, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has not commented on the lawsuit yet. But the director Kelly Williams told News 4 before filing the legal challenge that the seed to sale system will help “protect patient safety.”

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