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Ken Maus
Written By Steven Murphy

May 3, 2021


Oklahoma state legalized medical marijuana use in 2018, and recreational Cannabis is still illegal within the state. Oklahoma residents are worried about taking medical Cannabis as a treatment option, but the state has legalized it with keeping all the safety measures in mind.

However, it is essential to emphasize that Oklahoma is one of the states that has managed well to implement the whole medical marijuana program with all the safety measures in a few months only.
And the program has got such a huge success soon after the majority of voters approved the Oklahoma marijuana bill in 2018. In fact, in 2020, around 340000 patients will have got their medical marijuana licenses, and the state authorities have reported around $45 million in tax profit.

In short, the Oklahoma state performance concerning medical cannabis sales and program implementation has been an enormous success. Though, a patient needs to be 18 at least to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma. However, the patients are still confused about the whole program and its rules. So, to clear everything to the patients in one place, we have compiled everything here in this blog only. Let us start with the Oklahoma laws.

How much Medical Cannabis can I possess in Oklahoma?

According to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana laws, a marijuana patient registered with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) can:

  • Acquire up to 3 ounces of medical marijuana that is 84.9 grams.
  • Acquire six mature cannabis plants and six seedlings.
  • Possess 1 ounce that is around 28.3 grams of concentrated marijuana.
  • Possess 72 ounces that are 2037.6 grams of medical marijuana in edible form.
  • Also, an amendment to the law states that a patient can possess around 8 ounces of approximately 226.4 grams of marijuana at their residence.

Oklahoma state assures that the laws are strictly subject to adherence and the possession limits are applicable for licensed marijuana patients and their caregivers. However, the limits of medical marijuana may vary from patient to patient based on their medical requirements.

The rules are not flexible like in several other states. When it comes to accessing medical marijuana in Oklahoma, the patient can quickly obtain it with the help of a valid medical marijuana card.

As the program is such a huge success, people are still confused about getting permission to access medical marijuana treatments. So, to make things easily accessible and informative, the first thing you require to have a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is the marijuana doctor’s recommendation. However, searching for a licensed medical professional is indeed intricate, and that is why several health care providers have started providing online services.

But with this comes another confusion which one is providing legitimate services is still hard to find. Medical Marijuana Card Oklahoma is a healthcare organization that has excelled in giving legitimate services online for years and has made the whole process easier. The process of acquiring a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is quick and easy. It includes a four-step process only, and you will get your legal right at your doorstep. Let us get familiar with the process.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

  • Schedule an appointment: Begin the process by filling up a pre-qualification form and scheduling an appointment with a medical doctor.
  • Connect with the Licensed Medical Doctor: The licensed Medical Doctor will connect back via video conferencing and evaluate the patient.
  • Register with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA): After getting approval from a licensed medical doctor, register yourself as a patient in OMMA.
  • Receive the Medical Marijuana Card: Once done with the registration process, you will get your Medical Marijuana Card after the OMMA completes its verification process. You will receive the card within 14 days from the day you have applied.

What do you need to get an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card?

  • A colored copy of Oklahoma state ID, including any state-issue ID card, residential deed, utility bill, or property papers.
  • A digital-colored photograph.
  • A written recommendation is obtained from a licensed medical doctor.

Once you are done with the whole process and submitted all the essential documents, let us delve a little deeper and sift through the legal nuances of medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma. This will help you understand and get familiar with the interesting features of OK laws.

Medical Marijuana Card Oklahoma laws!

The laws associated with the Medical Marijuana card are pretty stringent, but a few exciting features make it different from other states. For instance, Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the US when you talk about prison data.

And out of 1079, every one in five individuals has received imprisonment for drug possession.

The authorities have tried to make amends but unfortunately, all in vain. However, a significant reason why a social group gathered unity to qualify SQ 788 as a law. Under this law, you will get familiar with some interesting facts, including:

  • Oklahoma doesn’t have a list of qualifying conditions.
  • This also states that you don’t have to be eligible for a debilitating disease to consume medical marijuana.
  • The marijuana patients with a valid card receive employment protection.
  • The possession limits in Oklahoma are more significant than in other states.
  • An unlimited number of medical marijuana dispensaries are permitted to operate in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma caregiver laws!

Coming to registering as a caregiver in Oklahoma, an individual can apply for a caregiver’s license or card anytime during the term of the patient’s license.

  • A caregiver can apply for one caregiver license at a time.
  • In the case of a minor, the rules make an exception.
  • For an underage patient, two legal guardians can apply for a caregiver’s application in Oklahoma.
  • The caregivers also need to follow the guidelines.
  • A caregiver’s applications remain automatically unqualified if the patient’s application does not have a valid licensed doctor’s attestation.

Things to be taken care of when you have an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card!

So far, you have got familiar with everything you need to know concerning an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card. Now, moving to the conclusive part, you need to remember that Oklahoma state, despite its diversified laws and higher possession and consumption limits, expects patients and its caregivers to follow some guidelines. And the best part of following the procedure is that it makes the whole regulatory structure extremely convenient.
But with this comes some safety concerns that must be kept in mind, including:

  • Ensure that you possess the only legal amount of medical Cannabis as recommended by a licensed medical doctor.
  • Don’t go overboard and sell medical marijuana to any other patients.
  • You cannot grow more than the legal amount of medical marijuana allowed by the state authorities.
  • If you produce more than that, then either you have to dispose of the remaining one or legally process it utilizing a non-volatile extraction method.
  • Whenever you visit a state-licensed dispensary, the dispensary owner will not let you taste it as a sample.
  • Smoking and vaping medical marijuana in public areas is a punishable crime.

Keep all the regulations in mind before planning to get a medical marijuana treatment in Oklahoma and avoid getting into legal trouble.

Process to get medical marijuana card Compressed image

Our Simple 3 Step Process For Medical Marijuana Card

1. Fill up your details in an easy 420 Evaluations form.

2. Get Evaluated by a Local MMJ doctor After Online Submission.

3. Get Approved and Receive your Recommendation In Your Email.

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